pj onstage

Performing at the Yukon International Storytelling Festival in Whitehorse


               My first lead role in a production of "Save The Pigs!"


                    Having fun in a production of "Dr Faustus"



     Having a blonde moment in a production of "Educating Rita"



Sharing with the kids in Carmacks Yukon. I travelled to many schools throughout the Yukon. We had a blast!












I've been honoured to share The Yukon on various media and met some great folks along the way. I once invited Valerie Pringle & crew to come up to The Yukon  - they not only came, they stayed for a week and shot some great footage! Being on live national tv is great if you don't mind getting up at 3 in the morning!



                              Me and my moose hide Raven Drum






pj johnson Yukon Poet Laureate Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Canada yukonraven@klondiker.com